10-5AD1 Playoff Scenarios Headed into Week 11

Here’s the district standings headed into Week 11

(6-1) Fulshear

(6-1) Angleton

(5-2) Manvel

(5-2) Richmond Foster

(4-3) Magnolia West

(3-4) Friendswood

(2-6) Magnolia

(1-6) Fort Bend Kempner

(0-7) Rosenberg Terry

And the schedule of games for Week 11

Thursday – Foster at Fulshear

Friday – Kempner at Angleton

Friday – Friendswood at Magnolia West

Friday – Manvel at Terry

Magnolia – Open

The Obvious

Fulshear and Angleton have clinched playoff berths. Friendswood, Magnolia, Kempner and Terry have been eliminated from playoff contention.

The Not as Obvious

Manvel has also clinched a playoff berth by virtue of their wins over Foster and Magnolia West and would therefore win any tiebreakers involving those teams.

The Battle for the Fourth Berth

The fourth team will be either Foster or Magnolia West.

If Foster wins -OR- Magnolia West loses – Foster clinches a playoff berth.

If Magnolia West wins -AND- Foster loses – Magnolia West clinches a playoff berth.

And that wraps if for this look at 10-5AD1 scenarios headed into Week 11

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