15-6A Playoff Scenarios Headed into Week 11

Here’s the district standings headed into Week 11

(5-1) Tomball

(5-1) Klein Collins

(5-1) Klein Cain

(3-3) Tomball Memorial

(3-3) Klein

(2-4) Klein Forest

(1-5) Klein Oak

(0-6) Waller

And the schedule of games for Week 11

Thursday – Klein Collins vs Klein

Friday – Klein Cain at Tomball

Friday – Klein Forest at Klein Oak

Friday – Tomball Memorial at Waller

The Obvious

Tomball, Klein Collins and Klein Cain have clinched playoff spots.

The Not as Obvious

Klein Forest lost to both Tomball Memorial and Klein so they can’t win any tiebreaker and are eliminated.

Tomball Memorial beat Klein in Week 9 and would win any tiebreaker for the 4th spot so Klein has to finish in front of Tomball Memorial to be 4th.

Team By Team

Tomball Memorial

Win versus Waller on Friday or Klein Collins beat Klein on Thursday.


Win versus Klein Collins on Thursday AND have Waller beat Tomball Memorial on Friday.

And that wraps if for this look at15-6A scenarios headed into Week 11

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