23-6A Playoff Scenarios Headed into Week 11

Here’s the district standings headed into Week 11

(6-0) Alvin Shadow Creek

(5-1) Pearland Dawson

(4-2) Pearland

(3-3) Alief Taylor

(3-3) Houston Strake Jesuit

(2-4) Alvin

(1-5) Alief Hastings

(0-6) Alief Elsik

And the schedule of games for Week 11

Thursday – Hastings at Pearland

Friday – Taylor at Elsik

Friday – Dawson at Alvin

Friday – Strake Jesuit at Shadow Creek

The Obvious

Shadow Creek has clinched the district title. Dawson has clinched 2nd place. Hastings and Elsik have been eliminated.

The Less Obvious

Pearland has clinched 3rd place having beaten the two teams that could possibly tie them (Taylor and Strake Jesuit).

Alvin has been eliminated having lost to both teams (Taylor and Strake Jesuit) they could possibly tie.

The Tie-Breakers

23-6A uses head-to-head as the preferred tie-breaker. If head-to-head is tied, then a positive/ negative point differential is used (capped at 18 points).

Strake must finish ahead of Alief Taylor due to their loss to Taylor.

Team By Team

Alief Taylor

The Lions clinch 4th with a win over Elsik on Friday -OR- a Strake Jesuit loss to Shadow Creek on Friday.

Strake Jesuit

The Crusaders clinch 4th with a win over Shadow Creek on Friday -AND- a Alief Taylor loss to Elsik on Friday.

And that wraps if for this look at 23-6A scenarios headed into Week 11

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