GHA Overview: Week 10

District standings, each team’s ability to make the playoffs and projected (per my opinion of outcomes of the remaining games).

In – has clinched a playoff spot

Win & In – would clinch a playoff spot by winning remaining games.

Needs Help – would not clinch a playoff spot jut by winning remaining games. Needs something else to happen such as certain team win or lose or a certain margin of victory in their or other games.

Out – eliminated from playoff contention.

Projected Finish – My best guess how the standings will look after the regular season.

13-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
New Caney(8-0)(6-0)at College Parkvs Caney Creek
The Woodlands(7-2)(6-1)at WillisOPEN
Willis(5-3)(4-2)vs The Woodlandsat Oak Ridge
Conroe Oak Ridge(5-3)(4-2)at Caney Creekvs Willis
Conroe(4-4)(3-3)at Clevelandvs College Park
College Park(3-5)(3-3)vs New Caneyat Conroe
Cleveland(1-7)(1-5)vs Conroeat Grand Oaks
Conroe Grand Oaks(3-6)(1-6)OPENvs Cleveland
Conroe Caney Creek(1-7)(0-6)vs Oak Ridgeat New Caney

In: New Caney, The Woodlands

Win & In: Willis, Oak Ridge

Needs Help: Conroe, College Park

Out: Cleveland, Grand Oaks, Caney Creek

Projected Finish: 1) New Caney, 2) The Woodlands, 3) Oak Ridge, 4) Conroe

D1-1 – The Woodlands; D1-2 – Conroe

D2-1 – New Caney; D2-2 – Oak Ridge

14-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Spring Westfield(7-1)(5-0)vs Davisvs Aldine
Spring DeKaney(5-3)(4-1)vs MacArthurNimitz
Aldine Nimitz(5-3)(3-2)at Springat DeKaney
Spring(4-4)(3-2)vs Nimitzvs Eisenhower
Aldine Eisenhower(3-5)(3-2)at Aldineat Spring
Aldine Davis(3-5)(1-4)at Westfieldvs MacArthur
Aldine MacArthur(3-5)(1-4)at DeKaneyat Davis
Aldine(0-8)(0-5)vs Eisenhowerat Westfield

In: Westfield

Win & In: DeKaney, Nimitz, Spring, Eisenhower

Needs Help: None

Out: Davis, MacArthur, Aldine

Projected Finish: 1) Westfield, 2) DeKaney, 3) Spring, 4) Eisenhower

D1-1 – Westfield; D1-2 – Spring

D2-1 – DeKaney; D2-2 – Eisenhower

15-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Tomball(6-2)(5-0)at Klein Collinsvs Klein Cain
Klein Cain(7-1)(4-1)vs Wallerat Tomball
Klein Collins(7-1)(4-1)vs Tomballat Klein
Klein Forest(4-4)(2-3)vs Kleinat Klein Oak
Tomball Memorial(4-4)(2-3)vs Klein Oakat Waller
Klein(3-5)(2-3)at Klein Forestvs Klein Collins
Klein Oak(3-4)(1-4)at Tomball Mem.vs Klein Forest
Waller(0-8)(0-5)at Klein Cainvs Tomball Mem.

In: Tomball

Win & In: Klein Cain, Klein Collins, Tomball Memorial

Needs Help: Klein Forest, Klein, Klein Oak

Out: Waller

Projected Finish: 1) Klein Cain, 2) Klein Collins, 3) Tomball, 4) Tomball Memorial

D1-1 – Klein Cain; D1-2 – Klein Collins

D2-1 – Tomball; D2-2 – Tomball Memorial

16-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Cypress Ranch(6-2)(4-1)at Langham Creekvs Cy Falls
Cypress Woods(5-3)(3-2)vs Cy Springsat Cy Park
Cypress Falls(5-3)(3-2)vs Cy Parkat Cy Ranch
Bridgeland(4-4)(3-2)vs Cy Lakesat Cy Springs
Cypress Springs(4-4)(3-2)at Cy Woodsvs Bridgeland
Langham Creek(4-4)(3-2)vs Cy Ranchat Cy Lakes
Cypress Lakes(2-6)(1-4)at Bridgelandvs Langham Creek
Cypress Park(2-8)(0-5)at Cy Fallsvs Cy Woods

In: None

Win & In: Cy Ranch, Cy Woods, Cy Springs, Cy Falls, Bridgeland, Langham Creek

Needs Help: None

Out: Cy Lakes, Cy Park

Projected Finish: 1) Cy Ranch, 2) Cy Woods, 3) Bridgeland, 4) Cy Falls

D1-1 – Cy Ranch; D1-2 – Bridgeland

D2-1 – Cy Woods; D2-2 – Cy Falls

17-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Cypress-Fairbanks(7-1)(5-0)at Cy Ridgevs Hou. Memorial
Houston Stratford(7-1)(4-1)at Hou. Memorialvs Jersey Village
Houston Memorial(6-2)(4-1)vs Stratfordat Cy-Fair
Jersey Village(6-2)(3-2)vs Northbrookat Stratford
Cypress Creek(3-5)(2-3)at Spring Woodsvs Cy Ridge
Cypress Ridge(2-6)(2-3)vs Cy-Fairat Cy Creek
Houston Northbrook(1-7)(0-5)at Jersey Villagevs Spring Woods
Houston Spring Woods(0-8)(0-5)vs Cy Creekat Northbrook

In: Cy-Fair

Win & In: Stratford, Memorial, Jersey Village

Needs Help: Cy Creek, Cy Ridge

Out: Northbrook, Spring Woods

Projected Finish: 1) Cy-Fair; 2) Memorial; 3) Stratford; 4) Jersey Village

D1-1 – Cy-Fair; D1-2 – Jersey Village

D2-1 – Memorial; D2-2 – Stratford

18-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Houston Lamar(7-2)(5-0)Openvs Bellaire
Houston Heights(5-3)(3-1)vs Sam Houstonat Chavez
Houston Westbury(4-5)(3-2)at WestsideOpen
Houston Westside(2-6)(2-2)vs Westburyat Sam Houston
Houston Sam Houston(4-4)(1-3)at Heightsvs Westside
Houston Chavez(1-7)(1-3)at Bellairevs Heights
Houston Bellaire(1-7)(0-4)vs Chavezat Lamar

In: Lamar

Win & In: Heights, Westbury, Westside, Sam Houston

Needs Help: Chavez

Out: Bellaire

Projected Finish: 1) Lamar, 2) Heights, 3) Westside, 4) Westbury

D1-1 – Lamar; D1-2 – Westside

D2-1 – Heights; D2-2 – Westbury

19-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Katy(8-0)(6-0)at Seven Lakesvs Katy Taylor
Katy Cinco Ranch(6-3)(5-2)Openvs Seven Lakes
Katy Tompkins(6-2)(4-2)vs Jordanat Paetow
Katy Jordan(5-3)(4-2)at Tompkinsvs Morton Ranch
Katy Morton Ranch(5-3)(3-3)vs Mayde Creekat Jordan
Katy Paetow(4-4)(3-3)at Katy Taylorvs Tompkins
Katy Taylor(3-5)(2-4)vs Paetowat Katy
Katy Seven Lakes(1-7)(1-5)vs Katyar Cinco Ranch
Katy Mayde Creek(2-7)(0-7)at Morton RanchOpen

In: Katy

Win & In: Cinco Ranch, Jordan, Tompkins

Needs Help: Morton Ranch, Paetow, Taylor

Out: Seven Lakes, Mayde Creek

Projected Finish: 1) Katy, 2) Cinco Ranch, 3) Tompkins, 4) Jordan

D1-1 – Cinco Ranch; D1-2 – Tompkins

D2-1 – Katy; D2-2 – Jordan

20-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Fort Bend Ridge Point(7-2)(7-0)at TravisOpen
Fort Bend Hightower(6-2)(5-1)at Clementsvs Austin
Richmond George Ranch(5-4)(5-2)Openvs Elkins
Fort Bend Clements(4-4)(4-2)vs Hightowerat Dulles
Fort Bend Travis(3-5)(3-3)vs Ridge Pointat Bush
Fort Bend Dulles(2-6)(2-4)at Elkinsvs Clements
Fort Bend Elkins(2-6)(1-5)vs Dullesat George Ranch
Fort Bend Bush(1-7)(1-5)at Austinvs Travis
Fort Bend Austin(2-6)(0-6)vs Bushat Hightower

In: Ridge Point, Hightower, George Ranch

Win & In: Clements

Needs Help: Travis, Dulles

Out: Elkins, Bush, Austin

Projected Finish: 1) Ridge Point, 2) Hightower, 3) George Ranch, 4) Clements

D1-1 – Ridge Point; D1-2 – George Ranch

D2-1 – Hightower; D2-2 – Clements

21-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Galena Park North Shore(8-0)(5-0)at Atascocitavs Kingwood
Humble Atascocita(7-1)(5-0)vs North Shoreat Summer Creek
Humble Summer Creek(5-3)(4-1)at C.E. Kingvs Atascocita
Sheldon C.E. King(5-3)(3-2)vs Summer Creekat West Brook
Humble Kingwood(5-3)(2-3)vs Humbleat North Shore
Humble(3-5)(1-4)at Kingwoodvs Beaumont United
Beaumont United(1-7)(0-5)at West Brookat Humble
Beaumont West Brook(0-8)(0-5)vs Beaumont Unitedvs C.E. King

In: North Shore, Atascocita, Summer Creek

Win & In: C.E. King

Needs Help: Kingwood

Out: Humble, United, West Brook

Projected Finish: 1) North Shore, 2) Atascocita, 3) Summer Creek, 4) C.E. King

D1-1 – North Shore; D1-2 – Atascocita

D2-1 – Summer Creek; D2-2 – C.E. King

22-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Channelview(6-2)(4-0)vs Pasadenaat Pasadena Mem.
Deer Park(7-1)(3-1)at Sam Rayburnvs South Houston
Pasadena Memorial(5-4)(3-2)Openvs Channelview
Pasadena Dobie(4-5)(3-2)at South HoustonOpen
Pasadena South Houston(4-4)(2-2)vs Dobieat Deer Park
Pasadena(2-6)(0-4)at Channelviewvs Sam Rayburn
Pasadena Sam Rayburn(2-6)(0-4)vs Deer Parkat Pasadena

In: None

Win & In: Channelview, Deer Park, Pasadena Memorial, Dobie, South Houston

Needs Help: None

Out: Pasadena, Rayburn

Projected Finish: 1) Channelview, 2) Deer Park, 3) Dobie, 4) Memorial

D1-1 – Deer Park; D1-2 – Dobie

D2-1 – Channelview; D2-2 – Memorial

23-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Alvin Shadow Creek(8-0)(5-0)at Alief Taylorvs Strake Jesuit
Pearland Dawson(4-4)(4-1)vs Elsikat Alvin
Pearland(4-4)(3-2)at Strake Jesuitvs Hastings
Houston Strake Jesuit(4-4)(3-2)vs Pearlandat Shadow Creek
Alief Taylor(4-4)(3-2)vs Shadow Creekat Elsik
Alvin(3-5)(1-4)at Hastingsvs Dawson
Alief Hastings(1-7)(1-4)vs Alvinat Pearland
Alief Elsik(1-7)(0-5)at Dawsonvs Taylor

In: Shadow Creek

Win & In: Dawson, Pearland, Strake, Taylor

Needs Help: None

Out: Alvin, Elsik, Hastings

Projected Finish: 1) Shadow Creek, 2) Dawson, 3) Pearland, 4) Taylor

D1-1 – Shadow Creek; D1-2 – Pearland

D2-1 – Dawson; D2-2 – Taylor

24-6ARecDistWeek 10Week 11
Clear Springs(6-3)(4-1)vs Clear BrookOpen
Dickinson(6-2)(3-1)at Clear Creekat Clear Brook
Clear Falls(6-2)(3-1)at Clear Lakevs Clear Creek
Clear Lake(5-3)(2-2)vs Clear Fallsat Brazoswood
Clute Brazoswood(6-3)(2-3)Openvs Clear Lake
Clear Brook(1-7)(1-3)at Clear Springsvs Dickinson
Clear Creek(1-7)(0-4)at Dickinsonat Clear Falls

In: Clear Springs

Win & In: Dickinson, Clear Falls, Clear Lake, Brazoswood

Needs Help: None

Out: Clear Brook, Clear Creek

Projected Finish: 1) Dickinson, 2) Clear Falls, 3) Clear Springs, 4) Brazzoswood

D1-1 – Dickinson; D1-2 – Clear Springs

D2-1 – Clear Falls; D2-2 – Brazoswood

8-5AD1RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Humble Kingwood Park(7-2)(6-1)Openvs Port Arthur Mem.
Port Arthur Memorial(7-1)(5-1)vs Barbers Hillat Kingwood Park
Barbers Hill(6-2)(5-1)at Port Arthur Mem.vs Porter
La Porte(5-4)(4-3)at CrosbyOpen
Crosby(4-4)(3-3)vs La Porteat Goose Creek Mem.
New Caney Porter(4-4)(3-3)vs Baytown Leeat Barbers Hill
Baytown Lee(4-4)(2-4)at Portervs Sterling
Goose Creek Memorial(1-7)(0-6)at Baytown Sterlingvs Crosby
Baytown Sterling(1-7)(0-6)vs Goose Creek Baytown Lee

In: Kingwood Park

Win & In: Port Arthur Memorial, Barbers Hill

Needs Help: Crosby, La Porte, Porter, Lee

Out: Goose Creek Memorial, Sterling

Projected Finish: 1) Barbers Hill, 2) Kingwood Park, 3) Port Arthur Memorial, 4) Crosby

9-5AD1RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Galveston Ball(8-0)(6-0)vs Northsideat Wisdom
Houston Waltrip(6-2)(5-1)at Sharpstownvs Austin
Houston Madison(6-3)(5-2)Openvs Sterling
Houston Sterling(5-3)(4-2)vs Wisdomat Madison
Houston Milby(4-5)(3-4)at AustinOpen
Houston Austin(2-6)(2-4)vs Milbyat Waltrip
Houston Wisdom(2-6)(2-4)at Sterlingvs Galveston Ball
Houston Sharpstown(2-6)(1-5)vs Waltripat Northside
Houston Northside(0-8)(0-6)at Galveston Ballvs Sharpstown

In: Ball, Waltrip, Madison

Win & In: Sterling

Needs Help: Milby, Austin, Wisdom

Out: Sharpstown, Northside

Projected Finish: 1) Ball, 2) Waltrip, 3) Madison, 4) Sterling

10-5AD1RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Fulshear(7-1)(5-1)at Manvelvs Foster
Manvel(6-2)(5-1)vs Fulshearat Terry
Angleton(6-2)(5-1)at Magnolia Westvs Kempner
Richmond Foster(6-2)(4-2)vs Magnoliaat Fulshear
Magnolia West(6-2)(4-2)vs Angletonat Friendswood
Friendswood(4-5)(3-4)Openvs Magnolia West
Magnolia(3-6)(2-5)at FosterOpen
Rosenberg Terry(2-6)(0-6)at Kempnervs Manvel
Fort Bend Kempner(0-8)(0-6)vs Terryat Angleton

In: None

Win & In: Fulshear, Manvel, Angleton

Needs Help: Foster, Magnolia West, Friendswood

Out: Magnolia, Terry, Kempner

Projected Finish: 1) Manvel, 2) Magnolia West, 3) Foster, 4) Angleton

9-5AD2RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Fort Bend Marshall(7-1)(5-0)vs Galena Parkat Dayton
Port Neches-Groves(6-2)(4-1)vs Nederlandat Galena Park
Dayton(6-2)(4-1)at FB Willowridgevs FB Marshall
Santa Fe(5-3)(2-3)at Texas Cityvs FB Willowridge
Texas City(4-4)(2-3)vs Santa Feat Nederland
Nederland(2-6)(2-3)at PNGvs Texas City
Fort Bend Willowridge(1-7)(1-4)vs Daytonat Santa Fe
Galena Park(3-5)(0-5)at FB Marshallvs PNG

In: FB Marshall, PNG, Dayton

Win & In: Santa Fe, Texas City

Needs Help: Nederland

Out: FB Willowridge, Galena Park

Projected Finish: 1) FB Marshall, 2) PNG, 3) Dayton, 4) Texas City

10-5AD2RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Montgomery Lake Creek(9-0)(5-0)Openvs Brenham
Brenham(5-3)(4-0)vs Huntsvilleat Lake Creek
Huntsville(3-5)(2-2)at Brenhamvs Randle
Lamar Consolidated(4-5)(2-3)at MontgomeryOpen
Richmond Randle(3-5)(1-3)vs Rudderat Huntsville
Montgomery(1-7)(1-3)vs Lamar Consolat Rudder
Bryan Rudder(2-6)(0-4)at Randlevs Montgomery

In: Lake Creek, Brenham

Win & In: Huntsville, Lamar Consolidated

Needs Help: Randle, Montgomery

Out: Rudder

Projected Finish: 1) Lake Creek, 2) Brenham, 3) Huntsville, 4) Montgomery

10-4AD1RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Lumberton(7-1)(3-0)vs LCMat Livingston
Little Cypress-Mauriceville(5-3)(2-1)at Lumbertonvs Hargrave
Vidor(4-4)(2-1)at Hargravevs Splendora
Livingston(3-5)(1-2)at Splendoravs Lumberton
Huffman Hargrave(3-5)(1-2)vs Vidorat LCM
Splendora(1-7)(0-3)vs Livingstonat Vidor

In: None

Win & In: Lumberton, LCM, Vidor

Needs Help: Livingston, Hargrave, Splendora

Out: None

11-4AD1RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Houston Washington(8-0)(5-0)vs Worthingat Scarborough
Houston Furr(6-2)(4-1)vs Scarboroughat Kashmere
Houston Worthing(4-4)(4-1)at Washingtonvs Yates
Houston Yates(3-5)(3-2)vs Wheatleyvs Worthing
Houston Wheatley(4-4)(2-3)at Yatesvs North Forest
Houston Kashmere(3-5)(1-4)at North Forestvs Furr
Houston North Forest(2-6)(1-4)vs Kashmereat Wheatley
Houston Scarborough(1-7)(0-5)at Furrvs Washington

Projected Finish: 1) Washington, 2) Furr, 3) Worthing, 4) Yates

12-4AD1RecDistWeek 10Week 11
El Campo(6-2)(4-0)at Staffordvs Brazosport
Stafford(6-2)(3-1)vs El Campoat Bay City
Navasota(6-3)(3-2)at BrazosportOpen
Bay City(5-3)(2-2)at Iowa Colonyvs Stafford
Freeport Brazosport(4-4)(2-2)vs Navasotaat El Campo
Alvin Iowa Colony(2-6)(1-3)vs Bay Cityat Needville
Needville(3-6)(0-5)Openvs Iowa Colony

In: None

Win & In: El Campo, Stafford, Navasota, Bay City

Needs Help: Brazosport, Iowa Colony, Needville

Out: None

Projected Finish: 1) El Campo, 2) Navasota, 3) Bay City, 4) Stafford

9-4AD2RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Silsbee(8-0)(4-0)vs Bridge Cityat Jasper
Jasper(6-2)(4-0)at Hardin-Jeffersonvs Silsbee
Hamshire-Fannett(6-3)(3-2)at LibertyOpen
West Orange-Stark(4-5)(2-3)Openvs Hardin-Jefferson
Liberty(1-7)(1-3)vs Hamshire-Fannettat Bridge City
Hardin-Jefferson(1-7)(1-3)vs Jasperat WOS
Bridge City(1-7)(0-4)at Silsbeevs Liberty

In: Silsbee, Jasper

Win & In: Hamshire-Fannett, WOS

Needs Help: Liberty, Hardin-Jefferson

Out: Bridge City

Projected Finish: 1) Silsbee, 2) Jasper, 3) Hamshire-Fannett, 4) WOS

10-4AD2RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Bellville(8-0)(4-0)vs Whartonat Sweeny
Brookshire Royal(7-1)(3-1)vs La Marqueat Columbia
West Columbia(5-4)(3-2)Openvs Royal
Sealy(4-4)(2-2)vs Sweenyat La Marque
La Marque(2-6)(2-2)at Royalvs Sealy
Wharton(3-6)(1-4)at BellvilleOpen
Sweeny(1-7)(0-4)at Sealyvs Bellville

In: Bellville

Win & In: Royal, Columbia, Sealy, La Marque

Needs Help: None

Out: Wharton, Sweeny

Projected Finish: 1) Bellville, 2) Royal, 3) Sealy, 4) Columbia

10-3AD1RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Orangefield(6-2)(4-0)vs Kirbyvilleat East Chambers
Anahuac(7-2)(4-1)Openvs Tarkington
East Chambers(6-2)(3-1)at Hardinvs Orangefield
Kirbyville(3-6)(2-3)at OrangefieldOpen
Cleveland Tarkington(4-4)(1-3)vs Bunavs Anahuac
Buna(2-6)(1-3)at Tarkingtonvs Hardin
Hardin(3-5)(0-4)vs East Chambersat Buna

In: Orangefield, Anahuac

Win & In: East Chambers

Needs Help: Kirbyville, Tarkington, Buna

Out: Hardin

Projected Finish: 1) Orangefield, 2) Anahuac, 3) East Chambers, 4) Buna

12-3AD1RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Hitchcock(9-0)(3-0)at HallettsvilleOpen
Columbus(8-1)(2-1)Openvs Hempstead
Hallettsville(6-2)(1-1)vs Hitchcockat Yoakum
Yoakum(2-6)(0-2)at Hempsteadvs Hallettsville
Hempstead(1-7)(0-2)vs Yoakumat Columbus

In: Hitchcock, Columbus

Win & In: Hallettsville, Yoakum, Hempstead

Needs Help: None

Out: None

Projected Finish: 1) Hitchocock, 2) Columbus, 3) Hallettsville, 4) Yoakum

14-3AD2RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Tidehaven(6-2)(4-0)vs Bolingat Van Vleck
Boling(6-2)(3-1)at Tidehavenvs Brazos
Van Vleck(5-3)(3-1)at East Bernardvs Tidehaven
Wallis Brazos(6-2)(2-2)at Danburyvs Boling
East Bernard(2-6)(2-2)vs Van Vleckat Rice Consolidated
Altair Rice Consolidated(3-6)(1-4)Openvs East Bernard
Danbury(1-8)(0-5)vs BrazosOpen

In: Tidehaven

Win & In: Boling, Van Vleck

Needs Help: Brazos, East Bernard, Rice Consolidated

Out: Danbury

Projected Finish: 1) Tidehaven, 2) East Bernard, 3) Boling, 4) Van Vleck

12-2AD2RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Lovelady(7-0)(3-0)vs Evadaleat Deweyville
Deweyville(6-2)(3-0)at Sabine Passvs Lovelady
Colmesneil(4-4)(1-2)at Hull-Daisettavs Sabine Pass
Hull-Daisetta(4-4)(1-2)vs Colmesneilat Evadale
Evadale(2-6)(1-2)at Loveladyvs Hull-Daisetta
Sabine Pass(1-5)(0-3)vs Deweyvilleat Colmesneil

In: Lovelady, Deweyville

Win & In: Colmesneil, Hull-Daisetta, Evadale

Needs Help: Sabine Pass

Out: None

Projected Finish: 1) Lovelady, 2) Deweyville, 3) Colmesneil, 4) Hull-Daisetta

15-1AD1RecDistWeek 10Week 11
Leverett’s Chapel(7-1)(1-0)at Chesterat Burkeville
Chester(6-2)(1-0)vs Leverett’s Chapelvs High Island
High Island(2-6)(0-1)vs Burkevilleat Chester
Burkeville(0-5)(0-1)at High Islandvs Leverett’s Chapel

In: None

Win & In: Leverett’s Chapel, Chester, High Island, Burkeville

Needs Help: None

Out: None

Projected Finish: 1) Leverett’s Chapel, 2) High Island

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