GHA Week 6 Overview

Going to change things up a bit and give the district standings and look at the upcoming three weeks schedule.

Also going to give a “target wins” for each district. This number of wins in district play would more than likely secure a playoff spot. One win over this would certainly guarantee a playoff spot. Depending on the district, it may require fewer wins but we will discuss specifics per district more as we get later in the season.

13-6ARecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
New Caney(5-0)(3-0)Open vs Conroeat Grand Oaks
College Park(2-2)(2-0)vs Caney Creekat Willisvs The Woodlands
The Woodlands(3-2)(2-1)at Grand Oaksvs Clevelandat College Park
Conroe(3-2)(2-1)vs Oak Ridgeat New CaneyOPEN
Cleveland(1-3)(1-1)vs Willisat The Woodlandsvs Oak Ridge
Conroe Grand Oaks(3-2)(1-2)vs The Woodlandsat Oak Ridgevs New Caney
Willis(2-3)(1-2)at Clevelandvs College Parkat Caney Creek
Conroe Oak Ridge(1-3)(0-2)at Conroevs Grand Oaksat Cleveland
Conroe Caney Creek(1-4)(0-3)at College ParkOPENvs Willis

Target Wins – 5

Caney Creek is more or less in a must win situation the remainder of the season.

Best of fortunes to Grand Oak’s AD Dr. Micahel Jackson as he deals with extended family health issues. Wishing the best for you in the future.

14-6ARecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Spring Westfield(3-1)(1-0)vs DeKaneyvs Nimitzvs Eisenhower
Aldine Nimitz(3-1)(1-0)at Eisenhowerat Westfieldat Davis
Aldine Davis(3-1)(1-0)at Springat DeKaneyvs Nimitz
Spring DeKaney(2-2)(1-0)at Westfieldvs Davisvs Aldine
Spring(1-3)(0-1)vs Davisvs Aldinevs MacArthur
Aldine MacArthur(1-3)(0-1)at Aldineat Eisenhowerat Spring
Aldine Eisenhower(0-4)(0-1)vs Nimitzvs MacArthurat Westfield
Aldine(0-4)(0-1)vs MacArthurat Springat DeKaney

Target Wins – 4

The Aldine/ MacArthur game is pretty much an elimination game.

15-6ARecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Klein Collins(4-0)(1-0)at Wallervs Tomball Memorialat Klein Forest
Klein Cain(4-0)(1-0)at Kleinat Klein Forestvs Klein Oak
Klein Forest(3-1)(1-0)at Tomball Memorialvs Klein Cainvs Klein Collins
Tomball(2-2)(1-0)at Klein Oakvs Wallervs Tomball Memorial
Klein Oak(2-1)(0-1)vs Tomballat Kleinat Klein Cain
Tomball Memorial(2-2)(0-1)vs Klein Forestat Klein Collinsat Tomball
Klein(1-3)(0-1)vs Klein Cainvs Klein Oakat Waller
Waller(0-4)(0-1)vs Klein Collinsat Tomballvs Klein

Target Wins – 4

The four teams that won last week play the four teams that lost last week. If the same four win again this week, it will create big separation in the district. I would favor Klein Collins, Klein Cain to win. To me the Klein Forest/ Tomball Memorial game is very close. I’d favor Klein Oak to snap the streak with a win over Tomball.

16-6ARecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Cypress Ranch(3-1)(1-0)vs Cy Springsat Cy Parkat Bridgeland
Cypress Falls(3-1)(1-0)at Langham Creekvs Bridgelandvs Cy Woods
Cypress Springs(2-2)(1-0)at Cy Ranchat Cy Lakesat Langham Creek
Langham Creek(2-2)(1-0)vs Cy Fallsat Cy Woodsvs Cy Springs
Cypress Woods(2-2)(0-1)at Cy Lakesvs Langham Creekat Cy Falls
Bridgeland(1-3)(0-1)at Cy Parkat Cy Fallsvs Cy Ranch
Cypress Lakes(1-3)(0-1)vs Cy Woodsvs Cy Springsvs Cy Park
Cypress Park(0-4)(0-1)vs Bridgelandvs Cy Ranchat Cy Lakes

Target Wins – 4

The four teams that won last week play amongst themselves and the same for the four teams that lost last week. Obviously, the winners of the 1-0 match ups take a big step forward while the loser of the 0-1 match ups will be behind the 8-ball.

17-6ARecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Jersey Village(4-0)(1-0)at Cy-Fairat Cy Ridgevs Cy Creek
Cypress-Fairbanks(3-1)(1-0)vs Jersey Vilalgevs Cy Creekat Northbrook
Cypress Creek(2-2)(1-0)vs Stratfordat Cy-Fairat Jersey Village
Cypress Ridge(1-3)(1-0)at Spring Woodsvs Jersey Villagevs Houston Memorial
Houston Stratford(3-1)(0-1)at Cy Creekvs Northbrookat Spring Woods
Houston Memorial(2-2)(0-1)at Northbrookvs Spring Woodsat Cy Ridge
Houston Northbrook(1-3)(0-1)vs Houston Memorialat Stratfordvs Cy-Fair
Houston Spring Woods(0-4)(0-1)vs Cy Ridgeat Houston Memorialvs Stratford

Target Wins – 4

Having beaten Stratford last week Cy-Fair can take a huge step toward the district title with a win over Jersey Village this week. A Jersey Village win sets up a show down with Stratford in Week 11.

18-6ARecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Houston Lamar(3-2)(1-0)vs Westsideat Westburyvs Sam Houston
Houston Westbury(2-3)(1-0)at Chavezvs Lamarat Bellaire
Houston Westside(1-4)(1-0)at Lamarvs Bellaireat Heights
Houston Bellaire(0-4)(0-0)vs Heightsat Westsidevs Westbury
Houston Sam Houston(3-2)(0-1)Openvs Chavezat Lamar
Houston Heights(2-3)(0-1)at BellaireOPENvs Westside
Houston Chavez(1-4)(0-1)vs Westburyat Sam HoustonOPEN

Target Wins – 3

I still think Lamar and Heights are at the top of the district with Westbury, Westside and Sam Houston battling for the final two playoff spots.

19-6ARecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Katy(5-0)(3-0)vs Jordanat PaetowOPEN
Katy Jordan(3-1)(2-0)at Katyvs Cinco Ranchat Seven Lakes
Katy Cinco Ranch(3-2)(2-1)vs Mayde Creekat Jordanvs Paetow
Katy Paetow(3-2)(2-1)Openvs Katyat Cinco Ranch
Katy Taylor(2-2)(1-1)vs Tompkinsvs Morton Ranchvs Mayde Creek
Katy Tompkins(3-2)(1-2)at Katy TaylorOPENvs Morton Ranch
Katy Morton Ranch(3-2)(1-2)at Seven Lakesat Taylorat Tompkins
Katy Seven Lakes(0-4)(0-2)vs Morton Ranchat Mayde Creekvs Jordan
Katy Mayde Creek(2-3)(0-3)at Cinco Ranchvs Seven Lakesat Katy Taylor

Target Wins – 5

After Katy at the top, 19-6A is a muddled mess. Is Jordan a legit contender for the playoffs? We will find out over the next two weeks as they face off against Katy and then Cinco Ranch.

20-6ARecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Fort Bend Ridge Point(3-2)(3-0)at George Ranchvs Elkinsat Clements
Richmond George Ranch(3-2)(3-0)vs Ridge Pointat Bushvs Hightower
Fort Bend Hightower(3-2)(2-1)Openvs Dullesat George Ranch
Fort Bend Elkins(2-2)(1-1)vs Travisat Ridge Pointvs Bush
Fort Bend Clements(1-3)(1-1)vs Austinat Travisvs Ridge Point
Fort Bend Travis(1-4)(1-2)at Elkinsvs Clementsat Austin
Fort Bend Dulles(1-4)(1-2)vs Bushat HightowerOPEN
Fort Bend Bush(0-4)(0-2)at Dullesvs George Ranchat Elkins
Fort Bend Austin(2-3)(0-3)at ClementsOPENvs Travis

Target Wins – 5

Ridge Point and George Ranch records look the same at 3-2 overall and 3-0 in district play. Don’t let that fool you. Ridge Point is a prohibitive favorite of George Ranch this week.

8-5AD1RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Humble Kingwood Park(4-1)(3-0)vs La Portevs Goose Creek Memorialvs Baytown Lee
La Porte(4-1)(3-0)at Kingwood Parkvs Port Arthur Memorialat Porter
Port Arthur Memorial(4-0)(2-0)vs Crosbyat La Portevs Goose Creek Memorial
Barbers Hill(3-2)(2-1)vs Goose Creek Memorialat Baytown LeeOpen
Baytown Lee(3-2)(1-2)Openvs Barbers Hillat Kingwood Park
Crosby(2-3)(1-2)at Port Arthur Memorialvs Porterat Sterling
New Caney Porter(1-3)(0-2)vs Sterlingat Crosbyvs La Porte
Baytown Goose Creek Memorial(1-3)(0-2)at Barbers Hillat Kingwood Parkat Port Arthur Memorial
Baytown Sterling(1-4)(0-3)at PorterOpenvs Crosby

Target Wins – 5

I have Kingwood Park, La Porte and Port Arthur Memorial very close to each other. Kingwood Park and La Porte face off this week. The winner still has to face Port Arthur Memorial with the district title likely on the line.

9-5AD1RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Galveston Ball(4-0)(2-0)vs Sharpstownat Austinvs Milby
Houston Waltrip(3-1)(2-0)at Wisdomvs Madisonat Sterling
Houston Madison(3-2)(2-1)vs Milbyat Waltripvs Northside
Houston Milby(3-2)(2-1)at Madisonvs Sterlingat Galveston Ball
Houston Sterling(2-2)(1-1)vs Austinat Milbyvs Waltrip
Houston Sharpstown(2-3)(1-2)at Galveston BallOpenvs Austin
Houston Wisdom(1-4)(1-2)vs Waltripat NorthsideOpen
Houston Austin(1-4)(1-2)at Sterlingvs Galveston Ballat Sharpstown
Houston Northside(0-5)(0-3)Openvs Wisdomat Madison

Target Wins – 5

Galveston Ball is still favored to run the table and secure a 10-0 record in the regular season. After the Tors I favor Madison, Waltrip, and Sterling to be the playoff teams.

10-5AD1RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Richmond Foster(5-0)(3-0)at Magnolia Westvs Kempnerat Manvel
Fulshear(4-0)(2-0)at Angletonvs Friendswoodat Magnolia West
Manvel(3-2)(2-1)at KempnerOpenvs Foster
Angleton(3-2)(2-1)vs Fulshearat TerryOpen
Magnolia West(3-1)(1-1)vs Fosterat Magnoliavs Fulshear
Magnolia(2-3)(1-2)at Friendswoodvs Magnolia Westat Kempner
Friendswood(2-3)(1-2)vs Magnoliaat Fulshearvs Terry
Fort Bend Kempner(0-4)(0-2)vs Manvelat Fostervs Magnolia
Rosenberg Terry(2-3)(0-3)Openvs Angletonat Friendswood

Target Wins – 5

Foster faces another tough road test at Magnolia West this week. After Foster I see 5 teams competing for the final 3 spots. A couple of really good teams won’t make the playoffs in this district.

9-5AD2RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Fort Bend Marshall(3-1)(1-0)at Santa Feat Texas Cityvs Nederland
Texas City(3-1)(1-0)at Port Neches-Grovesvs Fort Bend Marshallvs Fort Bend Willowridge
Dayton(3-1)(1-0)at Nederlandvs Galena Parkat Port Neches-Groves
Nederland(1-3)(1-0)vs Daytonat Santa Feat Fort Bend Marshall
Santa Fe(3-1)(0-1)vs Fort Bend Marshallvs Nederlanat Galena Park
Galena Park(3-1)(0-1)vs Fort Bend Willowridgeat Daytonvs Santa Fe
Port Neches-Groves(2-2)(0-1)vs Texas Cityvs Fort Bend Willowridgevs Dayton
Fort Bend Willowridge(0-4)(0-1)at Galena Parkat Port Neches-Grovesat Texas City

Target Wins – 4

It’s early but don’t be surprised if when we look back the Dayton/ Nederland game determined the 4th playoff spot in this district.

10-5AD2RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Montgomery Lake Creek(5-0)(1-0)vs Montgomeryat Lamar Consolidatedvs Rudder
Lamar Consolidated(3-2)(1-0)at Huntsvillevs Lake Creekat Brenham
Montgomery(1-4)(1-0)at Lake Creekvs Brenhamat Randle
Brenham(1-3)(0-0)vs Randleat Montgomeryvs Lamar Consolidated
Bryan Rudder(2-3)(0-1)Openvs Huntsvilleat Lake Creek
Richmond Randle(2-3)(0-1)at BrenhamOpenvs Montgomery
Huntsville(1-4)(0-1)vs Lamar Consolidatedat RudderOpen

Target Wins – 3

Lake Creek has been the class of this district. I don’t see a huge separation between the other six teams, so every game is a critical game.

10-4AD1RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Lumberton(4-1)(0-0)Open vs Splendoravs Vidor
Little Cypress-Mauriceville(2-2)(0-0)vs Houston Legacyat Vidorat Livingston
Vidor(2-3)(0-0)Open vs LCMat Lumberton
Huffman Hargrave(2-3)(0-0)Open vs Livingstonat Splendora
Livingston(2-3)(0-0)Open at Huffman Hargravevs LCM
Splendora(1-4)(0-0)Open at Lumbertonvs Huffman Hargrave

Target Wins – 2

10-4AD1 is open (other than LCM) this week. District play starts next week.

11-4AD1RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Houston Washington(4-0)(1-0)at Wheatleyvs North Forestat Furr
Houston Furr(3-1)(1-0)at North Forestvs Yatesvs Washington
Houston Yates(1-3)(1-0)at Scarboroughat Furrvs Kashmere
Houston Worthing(1-3)(1-0)at Kashmerevs Wheatleyat North Forest
Houston Wheatley(2-2)(0-1)vs Washingtonat Worthingvs Scarborough
Houston Kashmere(2-2)(0-1)vs Worthingat Scarboroughat Yates
Houston North Forest(1-3)(0-1)vs Furrat Washingtonvs Worthing
Houston Scarborough(1-3)(0-1)vs Yatesvs Kashmereat Wheatley

Target Wins – 4

The four teams that won last week play the four teams that lost last week. I think Washington, Furr and Yates are big favorites. Kashmere should handle Worthing.

12-4AD1RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Stafford(4-1)(1-0)at Iowa ColonyOpenvs Brazosport
Bay City(4-1)(1-0)vs Navasotaat El CampoOpen
El Campo(3-2)(1-0)Openvs Bay Cityat Needville
Alvin Iowa Colony(1-3)(0-0)vs Staffordat Brazosportvs Navasota
Navasota(3-2)(0-1)at Bay Cityvs Needvilleat Iowa Colony
Needville(3-2)(0-1)vs Brazosportat Navasotavs El Campo
Freeport Brazosport(2-3)(0-1)at Needvillevs Iowa Colonyat Stafford

Target Wins – 3

Navasota tries to avoid an 0-2 district start against Bay City in a game I have rated as a pick’em.

9-4AD2RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Silsbee(5-0)(1-0)at Hardin-JeffersonOpenvs Liberty
Hamshire-Fannett(4-1)(1-0)at Jaspervs West Orange-Starkat Hardin-Jefferson
Jasper(3-2)(1-0)vs Hamshire-Fannettat Bridge CityOpen
Hardin-Jefferson(0-4)(0-0)vs Silsbeeat Libertyvs Hamshire-Fannett
West Orange-Stark(2-3)(0-1)vs Libertyat Hamshire-Fannettvs Bridge City
Bridge City(1-4)(0-1)Openvs Jasperat West Orange-Stark
Liberty(0-5)(0-1)at West Orange-Starkvs Hardin-Jeffersonat Silsbee

Target Wins – 3

Big match up this week as state ranked Hamshire-Fannett travels to Jasper.

10-4AD2RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Bellville(5-0)(1-0)at Columbiavs Royalat Sealy
Sealy(3-2)(1-0)at RoyalOpenvs Bellville
Wharton(3-2)(1-0)at La Marquevs Columbiaat Royal
Brookshire Royal(4-0)(0-0)vs Sealeyat Bellvillevs Wharton
West Columbia(2-3)(0-1)vs Bellvilleat Whartonvs Sweeny
Sweeny(1-4)(0-1)Openvs La Marqueat Columbia
La Marque(0-5)(0-1)vs Whartonat SweenyOpen

Target Wins – 3

Big game this week as two teams on the edge of my 4A GHA rankings face out when Sealy travels to Brookshire to take on Royal.

10-3AD1RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Anahuac(4-1)(1-0)vs Orangefieldat Kirbyvillevs East Chambers
East Chambers(4-1)(1-0)Openvs Bunaat Anahuac
Orangefield(3-2)(1-0)at Anahuacvs Tarkingtonat Hardin
Cleveland Tarkington(3-1)(0-0)vs Hardinat Orangefieldvs Kirbyville
Hardin(3-2)(0-1)at TarkingtonOpenvs Orangefield
Buna(1-4)(0-1)vs Kirbyvilleat East ChambersOpen
Kirbyville(1-4)(0-1)at Bunavs Anahuacat Tarkington

Target Wins – 3

Anahuac hosts Orangefield. The winner will likely faceoff against East Chambers for the district title.

12-3AD1RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Columbus(5-0)(0-0)at Madisonvilleat Hallettsvillevs Hitchcock
Hitchcock(5-0)(0-0)at Saladovs Yoakumat Columbus
Hallettsville(4-1)(0-0)at Houston Kipp Generationsvs Columbusat Hempstead
Yoakum(2-3)(0-0)vs Waco La Vegaat HitchcockOpen
Hempstead(1-4)(0-0)at Johnson CityOpenvs Hallettsville

Target Wins – 1

This five-team district doesn’t start district play until next week.

14-3AD2RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Boling(4-1)(1-0)Openvs Van Vleckat Rice Consolidated
Van Vleck(3-2)(1-0)vs Danburyat BolingOpen
Tidehaven(3-2)(1-0)at East BernardOpenvs Brazos
East Bernard(0-4)(0-0)vs Tidehavenat Brazosvs Danbury
Wallis Brazos(4-1)(0-1)at Rice Consolidatedvs East Bernardat Tidehaven
Altair Rice Consolidated(2-3)(0-1)vs Brazosat Danburyvs Boling
Danbury(1-4)(0-1)at Van Vleckvs Rice Consolidatedat East Bernard

Target Wins – 3

Winless (Man! That sounds strange!) East Bernard host Tidehaven. Can the Brahmas break into the win column?

12-2AD2RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Lovelady(4-0)(0-0)Open vs Colmesneilat Hull-Daisette
Deweyville(3-2)(0-0)Open at Evadaleat Colmesneil
Colmesneil(3-2)(0-0)Open at Loveladyvs Deweyville
Hull-Daisetta(2-2)(0-0)vs KIPP Northeastat Sabine Passvs Lovelady
Sabine Pass(1-2)(0-0)Open vs Hull-Daisettavs Evadale
Evadale(1-4)(0-0)Open vs Deweyvilleat Sabine Pass

Target Wins – 2

Most of the teams are open this week with district play starting next week.

15-1AD1RecDistWeek 6Week 7Week 8
Leverett’s Chapel(4-1)(0-0)at Oakwoodat Apple SpringsOpen
Chester(3-2)(0-0)vs Apple SpringsOpenat Houston Cristo Rey
High Island(2-3)(0-0)Open vs Cedar Park Summitvs Bulverede Bracken
Burkeville(0-3)(0-0)at MilfordOpenOpen

Target Wins – 2

With only 4-teams in this six-man district, district play doesn’t start until Week 9.

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