2022 Allen Academy Kickoff Classic Preview

Game 1 – Thursday, August 25, 5pm

Baytown Christian Bulldogs, TAPPS D3 #7 (7-4 in 2021)


Bellville Faith Knights, TAIAO D2 #3 (7-4 in 2021)

Baytown Christian Bulldogs

Coach: Jeromey Anderson

The Bulldogs outlook for 2022: “We start the season with a fairly young team. 7 freshman trying to catch up to the speed of high school football. More overall team speed than we’ve had in the past years. We have gone from a small district last year with 4 teams to a 7-team district this year. This is by far the biggest district we’ve had in the past 6-7 years. That leaves us very few non district games to get ready. On top of that we have Bryan St Joseph the very first district game of the year. The past 2 years our game has been for the district title, so we have less prep time to get geared up for which should be one of the most important games of the year.”

What he expects from Bellville Faith: “Bellville will be coming off of a TAIO state championship game so they are a very tough opponent. They have a very big QB with a great arm. #25 Woodley is their stud and will be a handful to try to take care of on both sides of the ball. Byler is also back after having a year off due to knee surgery. He will be one we need to keep an eye on as well.”

Key Players for the Bulldogs:

(#4) Braydon Anderson- very quick and agile. Key player on both sides of the ball. Excellent vision on the field. Expecting a breakout year this year.

(#99) Caden Norris- will anchor the offensive line and provides plenty of power up front.

(#24) Elijah Lewis- becoming a player on both sides of the ball. Helping to anchor the line with Norris and also transitioning to LB.

(#9) Isaiah Cartwright- new to six-man but adjusting well to the defensive end position. Very strong and has done a great job of holding the edge.

(#8) Cade Lineberry – did a very solid job as wing back last year and looking for him to really step up and have a breakout year.

(#1) Asiah Williams- 2nd year to six man and showed great potential towards the end of last year. He’s already way ahead of where he ended last year as far as knowledge of the game.

(#11) Kadyn Ofori- extremely quick and flies to the ball. Should give opponents a tough look on defense.

Bellville Faith Academy Knights

Coach: Trey Carter

The Knights outlook for 2022: “Extremely tight knit, fast, physical, and well-rounded young men.”

What he expects from Baytown Christian: “They are always very well coached and play at a fast pace. They will be prepared. We have to do our job and take care of our responsibilities.”

Key Players for the Knights:

(#25) Travis Woodley – 1,439 total yards, 28 TDS, 87 tackles in 2021.

(#19) Naoh Figueroa – 1,685 yards, 23 TDs in 2021.

(#11) Matthew McGowan – Freshman

(#18) Luke Wicklein – 31 tackles, 3 interceptions

(#8) Blaze Byler – team’s leading rusher in 2019 and 2020. Returning from injury.

 Game 2 – Thursday, August 25, 7:30pm

Bastrop Tribe Warriors, TAIAO D1 #2 (9-4 in 2021)


Bryan St. Joseph’s Catholic Eagles, TAPPS D3 #6 (9-3 in 2021)

Bastrop Tribe Warriors

Coach: Brent Golemon

The Warriors outlook for 2022: “We are young (only 2 Seniors) but have many starters coming back on both sides of the ball and should have a little more depth.  Our schedule is filled with D1 teams while we will be classified D2 (due to our size 16 players) this year.  We always expect to play in December and that will be our goal again this year.”

What he expects from St. Joseph: “They are returning some great skill players and we expect them to be even better than last year as they appear to be returning several key players. Our pass defense will have to be much better this year or they will make it a short night for us.”

Key Players for the Warriors:

(#6) Chandler Goleman – 691 yards, 12 TDs passing, 1 TD rushing, 60 tackles, 1 interception, average punt 44.9 yards

(#44) Chuy Gonzales – 6 offensive TDS, 116 tackles, 2 interceptions

(#20) Joshua McAlister – 1711 yards rushing, 40 tackles, 8 interceptions, 33 TDS (28 rush, 2 receive, 1 int, 2 kick return)

(#22) Tony Eastty – 49 tackles

(#26) Mikey Bowlin – 64 tackles, 5 sacks

Bryan St. Joseph Catholic Eagles

Coach: Alec Castillo

The Eagles outlook for 2022: “I believe we will have a lot of energy and discipline, full of a young roster that has seen success in previous seasons.”

What he expects from Bastrop Tribe: “Bastrop Tribe has a history of success and we know they will be disciplined and aggressive.”

Key Players for the Eagles:

(#3) Marc Mishler – All-State QB, All-State Punter

(#4) Jackson Carey – All-State RB, All-District Safety

(#23) Victor Perez – All-District DB

(#8) Peter Naivar

 Game 3 – Friday, August 26, 7pm

Brazos Valley Mustangs, TAIAO D1 #3 (7-4 in 2021)


Allen Academy Rams, TAPPS D2 #11 (5-6 in 2021)

Brazos Valley Mustangs

Coach: Howard Tipton

The Mustangs outlook for 2022: “We have a lot of returning players and a strong work ethic so I anticipate good things this season.”

What he expects from St. Joseph: “Allen is always a tough opponent and we know we will have a hard-fought game against a solid opponent.”

Key Players for the Mustangs:

(#5) Jack Pote – 139 tackles, 6 rushing TDs, 5 receiving TDs,

(#8) Seth Jackson – 14 tackles, 1 interception, 2 rushing TDs, 2 receiving TDs

(#3) Caleb Koucmod – 9 receiving TDs, 23 tackles

Allen Academy Rams

Coach: Adrian Adams

The Rams outlook for 2022: “We should be more experienced this year. We’re looking to build some confidence in our showcase week 1 to carry this season. On offense we will be very strong, and our defense will be improved. Our district is going to be tough, but we expect to compete for the district title then make a deep playoff run. “

What he expects from Brazos Valley: “BVCHEA is always a great matchup. Ironically, they rent our field for their home games. So, it’s like we’re both playing at home. They are definitely going to be a good test to start the season.”

Key Players for the Rams:

(#3) Ethan Lucas – Ethan is one of the top sixman quarterbacks in the state. After being the full-time starter in 2021 he’s ready to take his game to another level in 2022.

(#14) Aidan Field – Aidan learned a lot last season, and in the process amassed over 1000 yards on the ground. After a year under his belt as a full-time starter he’ll be primed to be a force in our run game as a senior.

(#13) Jackson Petty – Jackson is our most experienced offensive lineman. He’s played in some big games for us. We’ll look for him to lead the team as a captain his senior season.

(#6) Kyle DuPont Kyle moved to LB last year. After a season of learning the position he’s ready to lead the team on the defensive side of the ball. He’s also a playmaker on offense as a utility guy.

(#22) Rusty Ly-McMurray – Rusty was a talented starter as a freshman making all-state as a defensive back. He’s an aggressive player from his SS position. That can also come down in the box and play MLB. We look for Rusty to have a very productive season on defense and on offense at WR.

 Game 4 – Saturday, August 27, 11am

Pasadena First Baptist Warriors, TAPPS D2 #9 (10-1 in 2021)


Texas School for the Deaf Rangers, TAPPS D1 #5 (9-2 in 2021)

Pasadena First Baptist Warriors

Coach: Justin Larsen

The Warriors outlook for 2022: “We return a lot of experience, talent, and leadership.  If the guys work hard and do things the right way, we can accomplish some goals. Every player on the team participates 2 or more sports, with 18 of them participating in 3 or more; Warrior Way!”

What he expects from Texas School for the Deaf: “Texas School for the Deaf is going to play hard, physical, and bring it for 4 quarters.”

Key Players for the Warriors:

(#2) Noah Gasque

(#6) Donald Guillory

(#52) Aiden Martinez

(#24) Jonas Loredo

(#56) Travis Gray

(#11) Matthew Cundiff

(#15) Dallas Post

Texas School for the Deaf Rangers

Coach: John Moore

The Rangers outlook for 2022: “We’re a young team. We will find our way as the season progresses.”

What he expects from Pasadena First Baptist: “I expect them coming out quick and fast. They have a great group of seniors who will lead their team. “

Key Players for the Rangers:

(#55) Jake Skipper

(#4) Cody Devries

(#44) William Scarboro

(#2) Isaak Megiligan

 Game 5 – Saturday, August 27, 2pm

Dallas Lake Hill Prep Warriors, TAPPS D2 #9 (5-3 in 2021)


Emery-Weiner Jaguars, TAPPS D1 #1 (12-0 in 2021)

Dallas Lake Hill Prep Warriors

Coach: Jarius Mitchell

The Warriors outlook for 2022: “Young team with mostly juniors returning. 1 senior. The juniors had a lot of playing time as sophomores because of injuries (lost 5 starters).”

What he expects from Emery-Weiner: “Top notch, championship caliber football. Zero penalties. I’m using this game to grow my kids against a high-quality program like Emery to prepare them for the playoffs.”

Key Players for the Warriors:

Maxwell Byrd – WR/DB

Anthony McRae – QB/LB

Austin Boothe – RB/DB

Connor Wallace – OL/DL/QB

Nicolas Meadows – LB/TE

Nick Blanchard – OL

Maki Shaw – DL

Emery-Weiner Jaguars

Coach: Samuel Castello

The Jaguars outlook for 2022: “We are a brand new team from the 2021 state championship team after graduating 15 of the 18 players on varsity. The JV group was undefeated last year and those players have come in with a chip on their shoulder and worked hard as the new core of the varsity team. The group is ready to play and make a name for themselves in 2022.”

What he expects from Lake Hill Prep: “Dallas Lakehill has a great program and has been a contender the last few years. Last season they had a really good young core that will be a tough challenge to face this year. They are explosive offensively and have a very aggressive defense. The QB #10 and RB #5 lead the way on offense and defense but have plenty of support around them. They will be a great matchup to start the year.”

Key Players for the Jaguars:

(#6) Josh Caosta – Returning All-State LB

(#34) Ari Strauss – All-State Center

(#8) Ben Zadok – QB

(#32) Alex Wigder – RB/S

 Game 6 – Saturday, August 27, 5pm

Calvert Trojans, UIL 1AD2 #21 (4-5 in 2021)


Plano Coram Deo Lions, TAPPS D2 #8 (9-3 in 2021)

Calvert Trojans

Coach: Eric Johnson

The Trojans outlook for 2022: “I am excited for my first season as the head coach at Calvert. The biggest strength will be this team’s speed. They are extremely quick and we will be able to use that against our opponents. We need to improve on our overall strength in the weight room.”

What he expects from Plano Coram Deo: “They look physical and disciplined.”

Key Players for the Trojans:

(#22) Cohan Thompson – RB

(#1) Antonio Porter – ATH

(#99) Da’Vion Allen – OL/DL

(#9) Tarvares Lyles – WR/DL

(#8) Kevondre Corona – WR/RB

Plano Coram Deo Lions

Coach: Josh Nokes

The Lions outlook for 2022: “Graduated four seniors from last year’s team that were all-state guys at some level in TAPPS.  Hard to replace the experience.  Lots of juniors stepping into those shoes and should be able to fill them very well.  Team should be competitive all year long if injuries stay away unlike last year where we had to whether a tough string of them in the middle of the season.  Expect them to compete for a playoff spot in our district.”

What he expects from Calvert: “Calvert is a great program with lots of history.  Excited to take the field against them.  I expect them to be physical and fast.  Will be a great test for our guys and I hope they are up for the challenge.  With Calvert having a new coach, I’m not sure what they will bring scheme wise but I know he will be excited about the opportunity and have his team ready to play.”

Key Players for the Lions:

(#13) Michael Hurst – TAPPS All-State

(#44) Jacob Leija

(#1) Grayson Radford

(#21) Noah Redard

(#24) Tate Robinson

(#30) Everett Colby

 Game 7 – Saturday, August 27, 7:30pm

Huntsville Alpha Omega Lions, TAPPS D4 #17 (5-5 in 2021)


New Braunfels Christian Wildcats, TAPPS D4 #13 (3-7 in 2021)

Huntsville Alpha Omega Lions

Coach: Jeff Norris

The Lions outlook for 2022: “Roster is quite a bit smaller in participation and physical size. We will have to make up for that in quickness and stamina. We return a lot of experience at key positions. And so far in camp, our kids have shown a lot of fight.”

What he expects from New Braunfels Christian: “Coach Bronkhorst is a great offensive mind and he will have a deep, talented squad. I don’t expect many growing pains from his group.”

Key Players for the Lions:

(#8) Trey Mayton—tough, physical, athletic quarterback/linebacker  

(#24) Seth Burkhalter—defensive captain, excellent linebacker

(#3) Bailey Hall—experienced, quiet leader. Plays both ways and will be a key to our success 

(#33) Lukas Collier—still young, but developing into a hard-hitter at safety

(#68) Cody Stone & (#58) Ethan Rutledge—experienced linemen that will have to be a force for us to have a chance

New Braunfels Christian Wildcats

Coach: John Bronkhorst

The Wildcats outlook for 2022: “2022 is our first year in 11-man football. I think we can be a very competitive team in 2022 if we don’t allow ourselves to use the move to 11-man as a crutch. We have an outstanding group of skill players on both sides of the ball who will keep us in a lot of games. Our OL and DL are coming together well so far during training camp; those two groups had the biggest ground to make up in the transition.

We are really excited to be making this move to 11-man football in 2022. Our school community has really embraced this move, and we have a lot of positive energy heading into game 1, especially having the honor to have a commemorative cover of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football. We could not think of a better way to kick off our 11-man season than being apart of this GREAT kickoff classic. I want to thank Coach Adams at Allen Academy for allowing us to be a part of this great event.”

What he expects from Huntsville Alpha Omgea: “Alpha Omega is going to be a great test for us to open up the 2022 season with. They are a well-coached group, and I have a lot of respect for the work that Coach Norris and his staff puts in each year to get their kids ready. This has the potential to be a really exciting game between two former six-man schools. “

Key Players for the Wildcats:

Parker Joseph, Jr. – QB

Cade Becker – RB/DB

Zach Evans – RB/LB

Calvin Little – H/DE

Cole Reynolds – WR/DB

Crew Wright – WR/DB

Jaxom Baumbach – WR

Breighton Owens – OL/DL

Elijah Smith – OL/LB

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