Team Preview: Orangefield Bobcats

The Bobcats are in 10-3AD1 for the 2022 and 2023 football seasons along with Anahuac, East Chambers, Buna, Kirbyville, Hardin and Tarkington. Four of these teams (Anahuac, Buna, East Chambers, and Orangefield) made the playoffs in 2021.

Head Coach: Josh Smalley

2021 Results: 7-4

Returning Starters: 6 offense, 5 defense

Key Players: RB/DB Cameron Dischler, TE/DE Morgan Sampson, TE Koen Maddox, RB Gavin Perry-Koci, QB Brayden Parker, LB Beau Elkins, LB Kyle Michael, LB Mason Houghton, DB Jackson Humplik, LB Lane Gipson, RB/DB Case Singleton, K Ty Butler, DB Kane Smith, OL/DE Rusten Traxler, OL/DT Gavin Pollock, OL Ethan Gunter


“I think we learned last time we dropped down that you can’t take anything for granted. We dropped down, I want to say it’s 2018, we dropped to 3A and we didn’t make the playoffs that first year. We went five and five and didn’t get in. Our kids learned, our coaches learned, our community learned that you know dropping down to 3A there’s no guarantees. It doesn’t make anything easier. In fact, you better work harder because the outside world’s expectations of you just picked up.  

It’s a tough district. You’ve got East Chambers in there who’s always athletic. Coach Sutherland and his staff do a great job of coaching. Anahuac with Coach Neece is going to be very good. They’re athletic and always very well coached. Kirbyville, Buna, Harden, Tarkington – you know there’s no gimmies that we can see. Obviously, you know getting away from West Orange-Stark, Silsbee and Jasper people think that things are just going to be easy but they’re not. There’s good coaching in 3A football. There are good athletes in 3A football. We know it’s a challenge and luckily our kids have kind of taken that on this off season. They know what’s in store for us and their work ethic has not gotten worse. It’s actually gotten better. In fact, we’ve been maxing out in the weight room and our numbers are outstanding. I’m very proud of our kids and the work they’ve been putting in since November. I’m extremely proud of the staff and the kids for the way they’ve worked. The main thing about dropping 3A is you just own a more level playing field as far as numbers. We have about 530 kids in the high school and we’re not playing people with 850 anymore and things like that. You carry 28 to 30 kids on the varsity roster. So does the other team. We have seven kids that go both ways and so does the other team. It definitely doesn’t make anything easier. Just being on more level playing field makes things a little better for us.”

2022 Schedule

8/26 , 7:30 PM – vs (51) Bridge City (0-0)  

9/2 , 7:30 PM – at (57) Houston Legacy (0-0)  

9/9 , 7:30 PM – vs (62) Shepherd (0-0)  

9/16 , 7:30 PM – at (29) Woodville (0-0)  

9/23 , 7:30 PM – vs (63) Buna (0-0)*  

9/30 , 7:30 PM – at (38) Anahuac (0-0)*  

10/7 , 7:30 PM – vs (102) Cleveland Tarkington (0-0)*  

10/14 , 7:30 PM – at (91) Hardin (0-0)*  

10/28 , 7:30 PM – vs (86) Kirbyville (0-0)*  

11/4 , 7:30 PM – at (41) East Chambers (0-0)*  

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