Team Preview: Warren Warriors

For the 2022-2023 alignment cycle, Warren is in district 12 of 3A Division 2. Most of the district remains the same with Newton, New Waverly, Hemphill, Kountze and Anderson-Shiro remain in the district. Trinity replaces Corrigan-Camden.

Head Coach: Austin Smithey

2021 Results: 3-6

Returning Starters: 6 offense, 6 defense

Coach Smithey likes how the offseason has gone. “This has been the funnest offseason in my life. As an aspiring head coach you always write down things that you’d like to do or things that you’ve learned and you want to implement. Now it’s the time that I’m actually getting implemented. Last summer I came in late. I was the late June hire so I didn’t really get rocking and rolling with these kids in the summer program until July. Now we’ve actually had time to implement our system and our strength and conditioning program. These kids have grown so much. We have a point system where our athletes get specific points for participating multiple sports, for additional workouts, for coming before school, for voluntary workouts and that sort of stuff. It’s really motivated them and man they sure have grown physically. Our numbers have been really good throughout our last really two testing cycles. I’m excited as a coach and love seeing that progress from our kiddos.”

Key players: QB/DB Zach Tanton, TE/LB Sam Spurlock, TE/DE Camdon Harrod, OL/DL August Jones, RB Jeremy Smith

2022 Schedule

8/26, 7:30 PM – vs  Hardin   

9/2, 7:30 PM – at  Hull-Daisetta   

9/9, 7:30 PM – vs  Garrison   

9/16, 7:00 PM – at  Huntington   

9/23, 7:00 PM – vs  Newton *  

9/30, 7:00 PM – at  New Waverly *  

10/7, 12:00 AM – Open  

10/14, 7:00 PM – vs  Anderson-Shiro *  

10/21, 7:00 PM – at  Hemphill *  

10/28, 7:00 PM – vs  Trinity *  

11/4, 7:00 PM – at  Kountze *  

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