Player Profile: Jayden Shamblin, Colmesneil


How do you feel you played individually last season?

Even though it was hard getting moved to the line I still believe I gave it my all and played extremely hard.

How is the off season going for you and what are the goals for this upcoming season?

Off season is going as good as it can be I’ve been putting in extra work and pushing myself to my limits and I feel as if our team has gotten closer 

What is the number one thing you are working on to improve your game?

My speed. I can never be fast enough 

Do you feel you got better and how do you feel the team will play this season?

Yes I feel I’ve gotten better and I believe our team will do great this season if we all want it bad enough 

A teammate you see putting in the work that you think will have an impact this season.

Dylan Fowler 

If not playing in the NFL, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Very successful playing college football or plan B being a Marine Raider

Advice for incoming freshmen

You gotta stay hungry and prove people wrong and show them how bad you want to win 

Favorite Song

Genie: NBA youngboy

Favorite Movie

The lion king 

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