Player Profile: Aaron Bias, Cypress Park


How do you feel you played individually last season?

Okay, still a lot of things to improve for next season

How is the off season going for you and what are the goals for this upcoming season?

Good, working towards building a district champion team.

What is the number one thing you are working on to improve your game?

Understanding offensive and defensive keys 

Do you feel you got better and how do you feel the team will play this season?

I fee better about this season because the team is more brought together 

A teammate you see putting in the work that you think will have an impact this season.

Deyon Baltieste 

Highlight of your athletic career so far

Bridgeland game 2021-2022

If not playing in the NFL, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Computer engineering 

Advice for incoming freshmen

Listen to your coaches and bond with your teammates because high school football goes by fast

Favorite Song

Dreams and night mares 

Favorite Movie

Avengers infinity war 

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