Player Profile: Chase Burton, Fort Bend Hightower


How do you feel you played individually last season?

It was average. I think I should of played way harder, and this year I intend on doing that.

How is the off season going for you and what are the goals for this upcoming season?

This off-season alone has probably been my best yet, and I can’t wait to showcase my talents this fall.

What is the number one thing you are working on to improve your game?

Is getting on bigger guards and tackles blocks is the man thing, and just trusting my eyes and the game plans the coaches have gave to us.

Do you feel you got better and how do you feel the team will play this season?

Yes I have definitely got better from the end of last season. The team we have now is very young, but these young guys are hungry and I can’t wait to make that playoff run with my brother next to me.

A teammate you see putting in the work that you think will have an impact this season.

To be honest I can’t even narrow it down. The whole defense we have consist of dogs ready to get after from the trenches to the secondary but keep an eye for Chisom O., Santana W. Dailon E, Treylon B, Ephriam D. Braylen. Going to be a scary sight come this fall

Highlight of your athletic career so far

It was my 1st solo tackle on Varsity

If not playing in the NFL, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself be Team doctor for NFL, NBA, MLB team 

Advice for incoming freshmen

Worry about your craft and yours grades more then anything. Don’t take any day for granted, cause it can get taken in a heart beat.

Favorite Song

The world is yours – lil poppa

Favorite Movie

Don’t be menace to society 

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