Player Profile: Benny Hernandez, Corpus Christi Carroll


How do you feel you played individually last season?

I played in two games last season due to an injury. In the two games I played I did well.

How is the off season going for you and what are the goals for this upcoming season?

Off season is going great. My goals for this year are to thrown over 2000 yards and help my team win games. Another goal is to increase the number of touchdown passes in the season. 

Do you feel you got better and how do you feel the team will play this season?

I feel like I have really improved in the off season. I believe if we can stay healthy we will win games and be a contender for playoffs.

What is the number one thing you are working on to improve your game?

Footwork and accuracy.

A teammate you see putting in the work that you think will have an impact this season.

Leroy Rodriguez 

Highlight of your athletic career so far

Having roughly 205 yards in one half.

If not playing in the NFL, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In Houston as a electrical engineer 

Advice for incoming freshmen

Don’t be discouraged and work hard 

Favorite Song

Kay Flock – Being Honest 

Favorite Movie

The Breakfast Club 

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