Player Profile: Karson Maynard, Melissa


Drill you like the most and why

1 on 1’s because it’s great competition and a great way to get better.

Highlight of your athletic career so far

Beating Argyle and snapping their win streak.

If not playing in the NFL, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Being a sports psychical therapist.

Advice for incoming freshmen

Practice and play with confidence.

Favorite Song

Rocketman – Elton John

Favorite Movie


If you were stranded on a desert island, what teammate would you want with you and why?

Jayvon Smith because he is a hard worker and knows how to survive no matter what.

What fictional television family is your real-life family most similar to?

The Flinstones

If you could interview a current professional athlete and ask them one question, who would you ask and what would you ask?

I would ask Travis Kelce how it feels to be the goat.

If you could completely get rid of one month out of the year, which month would it be and why?

September because it’s the boring month before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When they make the movie of your life, what actor do you want to play you and why?

The Rock because I get told I’m a lot like him.

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